Storage Tips

Here at Pack Self Storage, we have come up with several things you should consider when storing your possessions in your unit.


  • Make a plan of your storage unit – Put heavy items on bottom. Stack boxes under and over tables and cabinets. Try and leave an aisle to get to needed items.
  • Stack couches on end, chairs seat to seat, small things in drawers.
  • Stack things in similar size boxes – they are easier to stack
  • Always stack heavier items on the bottom
  • Leave a walkway down the center to access items easier.
  • Label boxes on the sides, it’s easier to see the contents
  • Dismantle large items i.e bed frames, etc. (always keep parts together.
  • When storing appliances make sure they are clean and leave the doors ajar for air circulation. Always prop open refrigerator & freezer doors.
  • Lay blankets between furniture, etc, to keep them from scratching.
  • Rub oil on metal items such as tools, bikes etc. This will prevent rust. WD40 works best.
  • Store paintings, frames and mirrors on end. Do not lay them flat. Wrap and indicate they are fragile.
  • Try to pack items you might need toward the front of your storage. If not allow a pathway to the back.
  • Pack so air can circulate around items. This will reduce the danger of mildew.
  • Rodent control: It is almost impossible to avoid rodents coming into a storage unit. Food stains on furniture can attract rodents. Remember animals etc. have a very keen ability to smell what they are after. The storage facility protects the outside of your storage unit but not the inside as we do not have access to the inside of your storage unit. It is recommended to place a few boxes of, d-CON®, or the comparable around the inside of your storage unit. See page 15 “Rodent or Pest control”.
  • Insurance: Landlord and Tenant shall each be responsible to maintain appropriate insurance for their respective interests. Landlord will not be responsible to insure the property stored by the Tenant. (see page 8 “Storage insurance) Be sure and advise your insurance carrier when storing your possessions.



  • Store cardboard boxes directly on concrete, use wood in between the floor and the boxes.
  • Store any food items, they draw rodents.
  • Store paint, oil, or gasoline in your storage. Drain fuels from mowers, blowers, etc. It is against the law to store hazardous or combustible materials.
  • Put mothballs in boxes, they could stain clothing. Moth balls are okay scattered around the storage on the floor etc.

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