What is Climate Control storage?
It is a storage unit that is insulated and the air temperature in maintained between a minimum of 60 degrees in the winter and 80 degrees in the summer.

Why would I want Climate Control storage?
If you are storing your possessions 6 months to a year and they are sensitive to temperature and humidity changes such as wood furniture, electronics, paintings etc then Climate Control should be considered.

Is Climate Control storage expensive?
It will run you about 40% more per month.  But may be well worth it when you figure your TV is worth $2,000 and your dining room table is worth $5,000

Questions you might have concerning your storage possessions:

  1. Is the unit high and dry during rain and snow? We have 22 catch basin, 6 ponds and a ½ mile of underground piping system that keeps the water moving to downstream sources.
  2. If the unit is a climate-control unit, what temps do you maintain? Not above 80 degrees in the summer, nor below 55 degrees in the winter.
  3. Are there items that cannot be stored in a storage unit? There are hundreds, probably thousands of things that can be stored in a storage unit but there are a few items that you cannot store or keep in your storage unit:
    1. Weapons such as Firearms, knives, swords, and ammunition are not allowed to be stored
    2. Food items of any kind cannot be stored, this includes animals’ foods & other perishables.
    3. Paints, solvents, gasolines and any items considered to be combustible.
    4. Live animals such as dogs, cats, etc.
    5. Yourself, meaning you and any other humans; cannot live in a storage unit.
    6. You cannot run a business out of your storage unit. If this is a must then ask the facility manager for discussion concerning your needs. You can store, inventory, little used equipment and other products to support your business.
    7. The above 6 items are called the 6’s which means avoiding the 6 items above (a thru f) will protect you from future problems.
  4. Are there late fees for late payments?
    1. Yes, Rents are due the 1st day of the month.
    2. If you fail to make a rent payment past the last day of the month, then there is a $10.00 late fee assessed going into the 2nd month.
    3. If you are 2 months past due then a $20.00 late fee is assessed.
    4. If you are 3 months behind in rent then a $35.00 late fee is assessed plus you will be advised of an auction sale to be scheduled. (See the section concerning Auction procedures for delinquent rents) (see page 9)
  5. What happens if items are abandoned?
    1. Units and products inside a unit, will be considered abandoned if the rent payments become 1) two months behind 2) and are going into the 3rd month behind 3) and all reminders the Pack Rat has sent or called in to the renter have been ignored.
    2. If a storage unit has been abandoned the contents of the unit become the property of the Pack Rat facility. We will call and advise of what we found and give you your options, or leave a message if needed. If we do not hear back within 48 hours of the calls, we will proceed with liquidation of the storage unit.
    3. The Pack Rat facility will then remove or auction off the property inside the unit to clear and prepare the unit for the next renter.
    4. If an auction or sale fails to raise enough money to cover the past due rents, then a lien will be filed against your unit.

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